My Blog Returns in Perfect Tact

Sort of. The previous formatting disappeared as did the few photos I had uploaded. But at least it’s a start.

My blog went offline after some technical issues several years ago which I never really felt compelled to fix. Getting it up and running again was one of my New Year’s resolutions. I’m doing better with those this year than I think I ever have in the past (mainly because “lose weight” wasn’t on the list this year).

Broken Comments

I updated the captcha system for comments a couple of months ago and apparently it wasn’t working correctly. (You’d think I’d test these things after upgrading, but no.) A nice gentleman alerted me to the problem and it’s fixed now. If you’ve tried to post a comment in the last couple of months and received an error message, please try re-posting now and accept my apologies for not testing the upgrade like I should have.

Upgrade Woes

I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 3 (finally), and in the process lost all of the images since day one, including the banner images. I thought I had a backup but it’s no where to be found. Oh well. I didn’t have a whole lot of images to start with; maybe I can find the originals and re-upload.