Foam Soap

When I was young we used bar soap. It was time-consuming to use—let’s face it, it’s just plain boring—but at least you felt like you were getting your hands clean.

Then liquid soap came out. I have never been a fan of liquid soap. It’s slimy and runny and it just doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything. It feels like I’m washing my hands with egg whites. It’s really not that much quicker than using bar soap, and you can’t bathe with it, so what’s the point?

Not long ago I discovered some fancy hotels and restaurants were using foam soap. It’s something like shaving lather, but much less dense. I immediately fell in love with the foam soap. It’s light and fluffy and disperses easily over your hands. It gives the same feeling of clean as bar soap, but it’s pre-lathered so you save time. What’s not to love?

Japanese Foam SoapI thought foam soap was something reserved for swanky establishments and not available to commoners like me (you know like how you can never get meat in the supermarket that’s as good as the kind you get in a nice restaurant?). Then when I was in Japan last year I discovered you could buy foam soap in any supermarket! And several different brands no less. This further confirmed to me what I always knew: that Japan is ahead of the USA in technology that consumers can actually get their hands on.

I don’t have anything else to say, I just like foam soap.

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  1. Really? Bath and Body works has had foaming soap for a few years. And I’ve seen some foaming soaps in the dollar store before. So it’s been in the US for a while now!

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