Port of Yokohama Bing Desktop Photo

I was at a Microsoft Store and one of the demo laptops had a background image that really caught my eye. Upon closer inspection I realized it was Yokohama, Japan, a place I had visited many times when I lived in Tokyo. The salesperson said I could download the image online, but I couldn’t find it on Microsoft’s website. After some searching I was able to find it on their French-language website. Here is a direct link to the image: http://res2.windows.microsoft.com/resbox/en/Windows%207/main/7e15a99e-e8d0-457e-8902-9e05bc6ba15e_7.jpg

If you’re using a Windows computer you can simply click the link, then right-click the image and choose Set As Desktop Background.

Incidentally, Microsoft has a ton of other great images for download for use as a desktop background; find them here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/personalize/wallpaper-desktop-background

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