The Coffeemaker Of My Dreams

CV1 One-Cup Coffee SystemI went to Sacramento a couple of months ago for the Jazz Jubilee, and stayed at the Hyatt (a very nice hotel if you don’t count the expensively lame parking). In my hotel room I discovered an unusual single-cup coffeemaker. The ground coffee and filter were pre-packaged, and the coffee emptied right into your cup—no carafe. What did all this mean? It meant there was absolutely nothing to wash. I had truly found the coffeemaker of my dreams, and I had to have one.

I didn’t write down the model or manufacturer, but no matter. After a little Googling I learned my discovery was the CV1 One-Cup Coffee System from Courtesy Products. I ordered one, plus a 40-count box of their Colombian Supremo single-serving coffee packs. Everything arrived in short order and worked perfectly right out of the box.

It’s been a month since I first received my CV1 coffeemaker, and I could not be happier. Although the individual coffee packs are a little expensive, I discovered you could buy “coffee pods” at the supermarket. These work just as well (provided you save the used plastic brew baskets to use with the coffee pods), are less expensive, and provide a wide variety of flavors and choices. My favorite thus far is the Black Mountain Gold Costa Rican.

There are other single-cup coffee “systems” on the market like the Senseo and Tassimo, but these are expensive, take up a lot of counter space, and have parts that require cleaning. The CV1 was only about $30, is compact with a small footprint, and requires no cleaning. It is truly coffee convenience heaven.

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  1. Thanks for the CV1 link! I have one of these little coffeemakers — it was a gift from my inlaws — and I haven’t used it since I ran out of the initial supply of coffee packets that came with it. I had searched online a couple of years ago, and found absolutely nothing. And the dern coffeemaker has been sitting in my cabinet unused ever since.

    Tonight when I really really wanted just a single cup of coffee, I decided to try searching again, and your post came up #1 in Google. 🙂

  2. OMGoodness! Thank you so much!
    I just stayed at the Ramada where I was very tempted to take this little “cutie of a coffee maker ” home with me (and have them include it on my room-stay bill of course!) I have searched everywhere in stores for this coffeemaker and I was happy to find your blog and the website! Thanks a bunch!

  3. I have had mine for a few years now- also first saw it at the Hyatt… But the first several times that I ordered I was able to buy a case of 125 packages. Then they changed it to 40 in a case for about the same $. This is a bummer. I tried the save the tray and use the store bought pods, which is cheaper, but the trays seem to melt. Has anyone been able to come up with a fix for this?

  4. I have one of these awesome coffee maker too! this thing is such a blessing. I know it is a bummer you can’t reuse the trays but that is the whole purpose. You don’t have to clean anything and it is all 100% sanitary. I love it because i don’t have to worry about cleaning anything or if my brew basket was cleaned the right way. I think it is great and I see it in more hotel rooms across the country. These guys know what their doing. if you go to their website you will find other flavors of coffee for the maker.

  5. Thank you for the info, I just stayed at a Marriott and LOVED that little coffee maker. I just ordered it, anybody have any suggestions for cheaper pods?

  6. I just stayed at the Marriott Courtyard DT Chicago and used the CV1 coffee maker with caffeinated columbian, VERY HOT and flavorful, to boot. I must tell you, I previously bought the Keurig thinking that name meant everything, but sad to say that the the coffee was horrible, extremely weak, even when setting on the 1 cup as opposed to 2-cup selection. I loved the CV1 and have ordered it off the Courtesy Products Website, hope I enjoy my future cups like I did the first one at the Courtyard. Very reasonably priced as well.

  7. I just stayed at the Hampton Inn – Matteson, IL and was delighted to find and use this coffemaker. I just love,love,love it!

    I am going to get one to use in my (one-person) office.

  8. I am staying in the Hollywood Casino Resort in Tunica County MS, and have been enjoying a great cup of coffee every morning thanks to this unique little coffeemaker! I will be ordering one soon! Kind of pricey for something so small, but worth it. I can see however, where those coffee pods can be quite expensive. Let’s put our collective heads together on this!

  9. I encountered my CV 1 at Bally’s in Atlantic City. I don’t drink coffee but found it perfect for making a cup of tea. I got my own machine last Christmas and have used it at least twice daily since. I even use it to make double strength tea for iced tea. It can also be used with Maxwell House Coffee bags to make an occasional cup of coffee for visitors. You will love it even if you are not a coffee drinker.

  10. Even though I totally agree that this is the greatest little gadget since inspector Gadget, (and I want one…), I find the price outrageous! Yes, I know that companies are in business to make a profit, but, do they plan on sending their kids to college with just one customers’ purchase?

  11. I used one in the Paris hotel in Las Vegas and I will be ordering one of these CV1. It was a blessing in disquise as I only drink one cup in the am and one in pm so no mess and no waste of coffee.

  12. I had found one of these @ Mike’s Merchandise in Muscle Shoals, AL. It’s a liquidation store, he had a bunch at $10 each. I didn’t pay attention to the basket, had actually thought it had parts missing. Thanks for a link to their site to purchase the coffee/basket.

    Rory, Russellville, AL

  13. Hi,
    I just recently stayed at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and would LOVE to purchase the CV 1 for home use, however, Courtesy Products ships only in the continental U.S. Does anyone have any knowledge about where I could purchase this nifty little coffee maker and have it shipped north? Thanks!

  14. Just used the CV1 at a Super 8. Great coffee! I looked it up online to buy one because I also only drink 1 cup in the morning, but was pretty disappointed at the price. I think $30 is pretty expensive when I can buy a 12 cup brewer for around $10. I’ll get one when they come down a little.

  15. To me I like the CV-1 when I was reading about it and thought of buying one until I saw the price! The CV-1 along is say $30 and a case of coffee cost $22. If you are a 2 cup a day person like me and maybe more in the wintertime that could but you spending $44 a month for the coffee.
    The Black&Decker Brew&Go cost about $20 and comes with a filter that you wash in hot water after you are done and you can buy a 11 ounce can of coffee for $4 and it makes 90 – 6 oz cups per can. Granted I use the mug that comes with coffee maker and it holds almost 2 cups of coffee. I find that 1 coffee scoop cup works out about right for me. You can also use it for heating hot water for Coco or soup! You can do the same with the CV-1 I would guess if save on of the baskets. On the other hand you may not need the basket since the hot water will be going into the cup! You can also use those coffee pod thingies if you want!

    So I am going to wait until the price comes down before I buy the CV-1!

  16. I was recently at a Marriott in California and they had a CV2. Loved it. Can’t find one, but loved it. Made coffee, rinsed the tray and made a cup of tea for my sister. Perfect. I didn’t find the CV1 to be all that expensive when campared to other hotel coffee makers, like the one that uses the K-cups. Some of these are outrages running from $79.00 to $169.00 for single cup brewers that you have to have a manual to operate and have to rinse. I am considering one since I don’t drink a lot of coffee and one cup at a time is perfect.

  17. Hi,
    Would someone please post the patent number on the coffeemaker?
    I’m trying to find out when this was patented, and when the patent runs out.

  18. Like you, I ran into this little goodie at a hotel and googled! I love it. I have Keurig system in my kitchen, but wanted something for my work studio. This was perfect! I think Hamilton Beach is now selling them with their name on them. I couldn’t find then on the HB website, but have seen them advertised elsewhere…anyway, I bought mine direct from Courtesy along with the coffee pods. At some point, I am going to try “rollling my own.” I have a “perfect pod maker” from when I had a Senseo (which started LEAKING!!!). I have had a Tassimo, but go rid of it…couldn’t use my own coffee and the thing is a witch to try and clean, esp if you’ve used the latte milks or the hot chocolate.

  19. Hi, I recently returned from Las vegas, Nov. 2010, hotel was Southpoint -this little CV1 is what I need at home. It’s great! Where can I purchase it and the coffee? Tried online but evidently not searching the correct areas. Such a nice little thing for the kitchen counter, much better, smaller, than the other.
    Thank you,

  20. I am looking for a outlet to purchase the cv1 coffee maker. Can you help? Thanks D Dineen

  21. Thanks for the interest in our CV1 coffeemaker! It really does make brewing a delicious cup of coffee a Snap. Interest has been so great that we’ve developed a coffee program specifically for the retail market called “SnapBrew.” You can see the video or take advantage of our special offers by visiting our new website.


  22. I bought one because I used in a hotel and liked it. The only problem I’ve got with it is the disposible drip basket that comes only with the coffee. The coffee is too expensive. I just bought a strainer from amazon and modified it a little and it works just fine and I can use folgers coffee singles in it now and Im sure it would work great for tea.

    I removed the loop used to hang it and I ground the sides to fit into the slots for the drip basket. It now slides right in and and the handle matches the coffee maker style. If you know anyone who is handy with a metal grinder they could fix it up for you easily.

  23. I stayed in a motel in CA and they had a permanent basket in their CV1. The proprietor was very nice and gave me a basket when I ask if I could have one, however I do not know where he got the baskets. If you can find the manufactor of the coffeemaker I’m sure you can purchase the basket from them.

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