How To Delete Your Last Name from Your Google/Gmail Account

I wanted my Gmail account to show only my first name, but they insist on requiring you to enter a last name. I entered “Chris” as my first and last name. You can also enter a “nickname” which is supposed to be the name displayed when you send an e-mail; however, it doesn’t always work. I recently sent myself a location from Google Maps (click a location pin on the map, click “more,” then click Send), and the “from” name on the message I sent myself was “Chris Chris,” not my nickname.

I tried entering a blank space for my last name but that didn’t work. I figured out you could use an “alternate” blank space to successfully accomplish this. Instructions are below, but this only works on Windows computers (maybe someone will read this and post instructions for how to do it on a Mac).

  1. Go to
  2. Next to the “Email” heading click the “Edit” link.
  3. Remove whatever is in the “Last Name” field. (Click anywhere in the field, hit Ctrl-a, then the Delete key.)
  4. With the cursor still in the “Last Name” field, hold down the Alt key and enter the following numbers from your keyboard’s keypad: 0160
  5. Click “Save.”

Note that you must enter the above numbers from the keypad; using the regular number keys in the main part of your keyboard won’t work. Also note the Alt key needs to be held down the entire time you are entering the four numbers.

After I did this I came back to the Google account email settings page later to see if the blank space was there and it wasn’t. The “Last Name” field was empty; no blank space, no nothing. It looks like they will accept an alternate blank space without throwing up the “Required field cannot be left blank” message , but filter it out later. I sent myself a test message and there was no blank space where my last name should have been; the “from” name was only “Chris.”

19 thoughts on “How To Delete Your Last Name from Your Google/Gmail Account

  1. Very nice trick but it still showing a traiangular shape at last name. but better than previous one.

  2. OR you could just enter a dot(.) where your surname is supposed to be
    it worked on my mac, and i think it works for everyone ^^

  3. Okay Here’s another solution go to your google+ profile and add a “.” on your last name.
    The dot won’t appear. To start editing your name click on your name on google profile.

  4. Hi! So I’m doing everything you’re saying but there is no last name option for me :/ do you know why that is??

  5. I tried, it still says “please fill in name fields” someone help!I only want my name to be “x.Emily.x” not “x.Emily .x”

  6. If I don’t have Google plus account nd other person created by my name how to delete that Google plus not aware of the email address

  7. You can easily do this by renaming your Google Plus Profile. Your main Google Account will follow.

  8. alt + 0685 works, just make sure not to type them from numpad; you don’t need g+ account for this

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